What is "Wazcher"?

<<Wazcher>> is a unique “time is $$$” video platform that incorporates “watch to earn” mechanics and includes an e-commerce component. Users are rewarded for their time and engagement with content, and the platform leverages influencers, blockchain technology, and NFTs. This innovative approach aims to empower users and disrupt traditional video platforms while also facilitating e-commerce activities.

What is "Watch to Earn"?

Just like “play to earn” games, you play the game to earn Crypto.  “Watch to Earn” will accumulate the amount of time one spent on the platform watching videos in exchange for cryptocurrency.  The more videos one watches, the more crypto one gets.  Imagine you’re watching your favorite influencer’s video, your favorite drama, or your favorite movie; with each second that goes by, your crypto wallet is racking up crypto as you are watching. By this, Wazcher is proud to introduce our new concept called “Video Mining”.

What is "Video Mining"?

“Video Mining” is a process that “Wazcher” generates reward coins to reward its users for watching and helping to generate revenue from advertisements and other forms of income for the platform.  “Video Mining” bonus reward coins work more like Bitcoin mining’s lottery system.  The more account you hold, the more chance of receiving the bonus reward coins, of course, the user has to be on-screen using the “Wazcher” platform when the bonus reward coins are given.


2023 Q3

- Concept Finalization (COMPLETE)
- Initial Team Formation(COMPLETE)
- Project Website(COMPLETE)
- Whitepaper(COMPLETE)
- Strategic Partnerships(COMPLETE)
- Token Development(COMPLETE)

2023 Q4

- Platform Architecture Design(COMPLETE)
- Initial NFT Design(COMPLETE)
- Initial Token Airdrop(COMPLETE)

2024 Q1

- Platform UI/UX Design(COMPLETE)
- Initial NFT Design(COMPLETE)
- Initial Token Airdrop(COMPLETE)
- Watch and Buy Integration(COMPLETE)

2024 Q2

- Community Building
- NFT Collaboration
- NFT Development
- Alpha Development
- User Login/Registration Development
- Web 2 KOL partnerships

2024 Q3

- Website Improvement
- Watch and Buy Demo
- Wazcher Wallet Development
- Video Player Development
- Marketing Campaign
- Exchange
- Fundraising
- Alpha Testing
- Alpha User Feedback
- Alpha Bug Fix and Improvements

2024 Q4

- Beta Version Testing
- Bug Fixes and Improvements
- Mobile App Design
- Scaling Infrastructure
- Content Creator Promotions
- Initial NFT Sale
- Smart Contract Audit
- Further Beta Expansion

2025 Q1

- Beta Launch
- Creator NFT Application
- Token Bridging Development
- Internal Token Testing
- Watch and Buy Improvement
- Staking and Rewards

2025 Q2

- Wazcher Official Launch
- Global Expansion
- Mobile App Development
- Continuous Improvement
- Monetization Strategies
- Collaboration and Sponsorships
- Innovative Features
- Community Events
- Sustainable Growth