Platform Interface

“Wazcher” video platform will adopt an interface similar to Youtube. This will allow users to have a friendly and familiar user interface. One of the main differences between Youtube and “Wazcher” is that everything in “Wazcher” is based on the user’s NFT. At least one NFT is required to access the video platform. Each page will have a counter displaying the amount of reward crypto one has earned.

Video Interface

“Wazcher” will consist of three type of video interface system. The first one is long film. Second is short film. Third will be streaming interface. All of the interface will allow the function of “Watch and Buy”. This “Watch and Buy” function is a world patented function created by our partner Bravo Idea. This function allows watchers who are watching the video to purchase goods within the video, without leaving the video screen. This innovated technology helps the creators sell products faster, because statics shows 84% of online user purchase impulsively.

AI Creator

Taiwan’s self-developed AI Creator (similar to ChatGTP) is an intelligent and convenient creative partner that can help speed up the creation process, provide new ideas and suggestions, more accurate interactive feedback, and editing functions to edit and store results directly on the copy.  It also greatly enhance the quality and efficiency of creation.

AI Creator can provide creators with writing suggestions and script drafts for scripts such as movies, scripts, and advertisements. Creators can talk to AI Creator to discuss plots, characters, dialogues and other content to help creators break through bottlenecks.

Why use both Ethereum Chain and Binance Chain?

Ethereum Chain and Binacne has a healthy ecosystem for blockchain-related platforms. For NFT trading, Opeansea adopts the Ethereum chain and is the largest platform across the internet. Ethereum’s recent change from proof of work to proof of stake has made the network faster and cheaper. Now, both Ethereum chain and Binance Chain  are both 90% more eco-friendly than the other networks.

Two Token System

“Wazcher” adopts a two-token system; one as a main token (WZX) and the other as a reward token (ZRC). The reward token (ZRC) is earned by posting and watching videos. It could be used within the “Wazcher” platform for goods and services. A reward token (ZRC) is an internal token that will be only used within the “Wazcher” platform. “Wazcher” users will have to exchange reward tokens (ZRC) into the main token (WZX) to access exchanges for tradings. The main token (WZX) will act as a value evaluator for “Wazcher”. 


Crypto Wallet

“Wazcher” will be using “Wazcher Crypto Wallet” to bridge between the video platform and blockchain. This wallet will have an NFT marketplace, allowing users to exchange and purchase NFTs.  Users will be able to convert the reward token to the main token within this wallet. The main token will be able to transfer to public listing exchanges for conversion to other cryptocurrencies. 


Platform Revenue Generator

“Wazcher” has many revenue streams. Just like YouTube, “Wazcher” not only sells ads but also data mining results.  “Wazcher” also sells blockchain-related products such as NFTs and cryptocurrency. Another revenue stream is “Wazcher” professional online courses.   This allows content creators to sell online professional courses. “Wazcher” will also provide its own professional online courses. “Wazcher” also receives a transaction fee between user-to-user interactions. 

User-to-User Interaction

Since the more you watched, the more reward token you earn is the concept of this platform.  Team “WazLab” created “Wazcher” to promote users to spend more time on the platform and increases the interactions between each user. The more you interact with other users, the more reward tokens you earn each second. You do have to remember, all interactions between users will cost a small portion of reward tokens and transaction fees. 


Content Creator Pay-Zone

The pay section for influencers is an essential aspect of “Wazcher”. It allows creators to monetize their videos more directly. It also create a exclusive section for interaction between fans and influencers.

Multiplatform uploader

“Wazcher” has a mulit-platform uploader system built in.  When content creators upload a video in “Wazcher”, it will automatically upload the same video onto Youtube & Facebook(Meta).  This will make uploading videos easier and time-saving for the content creators.