NFT Algorithm

“Wazcher” NFT is the ticket to enter the watch-to-earn platform. Without “Wazcher” NFT, users are still able to watch videos on the platform. However, users will not be able to enjoy the benefits of earning cryptocurrency. Each “Wazcher” NFT has a system ranking. Through the ranking, the system will determine if your posted video, comments, or user profile/channel will be recommended to other users.

NFT Social Hierarchy

“Wazcher” social hierarchy level (SHL) is consist of 10 levels. The higher in the caste system, the more power you have within the Wazcher’s eco-system. Each Level will consist of different properties that will enhance your attention number in different part of eco system.

NFT = Video Channel

“Wazcher” is on a mission to find usage for NFT projects. We at Wazlab have created something called “Video Channel Identification”, through using NFT as the ownership of each video channel. Wazlab is able to bring more value to each NFTs inside our ecosystem.

NFT Friendly Platform

“Wazcher” welcomes all type of NFT to projects to join the platform.  Many NFT projects are lacking in NFT usage.  “Wazcher” platform allow other NFT to join our project and store their NFT into our crypto wallet and access “Wazcher” platform.