About Us

<<Wazcher>> is the best introduction to the concept of “Watch to Earn”:  Watching Videos and Earn Cryptocurrency! 

Team “WAZLAB” is composed of individuals with decade of experience in video compression system and blockchain.  BRAVO IDEAS DIGITAL Co., Ltd will create the video platform using their patented technolgy.  

Video Technology Partner

Bravo Ideas is an innovative technique-oriented company, founded in 2012, has over 19 global patents on interactive technology.  The invention patents owned by Bravo Ideas include the most popular products such as watch-and-buy, audio-visual interaction, mixed reality, image recognition, path guidance, Ai/artificial intelligence, etc.  This company also recieve multiple world-wide awards including APEA Award two years in a role, APAC Business Award, Global 100, and International Business Award.

Our Team

Feng Chiu (CEO)

$Founder of Hollygold(HGOLD: High as 910 in Coinmarketcap Ranking)
$Bravo Ideas’ Adviser
$Founder of PHstemcell
$Adviser to the Taiwan Congress Green Party Association
$Member of Taipei Departmentstore Merchant Association

Louis Lu (CTO)

$Founder and CEO of Bravo Ideas (2022 Revenue of 100M USD)
$Founder and CEO of Ishowlife
$Winner of 3 APEA Awards
$2013 First Place in Taiwan’s Idea Show+ 
$Owner over 19 Global Interactive patents.

Ben Chen

$Asistant DATA LTD. Taiwan Chief Operation Officer
$Hollygold Media Senior Manager
$Youtuber over 300K Fans
$Expert in social Marketing and Social E-commerce

Nathan Bokkers

$Co-Founder of Wealth Warriors
$Digital Marketing Expert

$2 million dollars in sale generated online in 2022
$3X 100K Platium Awards super affiliate

Daniel Chou

$Co-Founder of Wealth Warriors
$Digital Marketing Expert
$Having over 110K fans on Tiktok
$2 million dollars in sale generated online in 2022
$3X 100K Platium Awards super affiliate

JJ Lin

$Special assistent to the COO of Hollygold(HGOLD: High as 910 in Coinmarketcap Ranking)

Our Partners

Advisory Board

Marcus Yang

$Advisor for SUM Venture Partners
$Member of Band of Angels
$2017 Taiwan’s Most Outstanding Entrepreneur Award winner
$Served on Taiwan’s National Data Security Review Committee in 2017
$Honored by Taiwan Presidents 6 times from 2015 to 2020
$Former President and CEO at MStar Semiconductor USA (MStar went public and was valued at $6B in 2010)
$Founder at KeyStone Semiconductor developing smart home
$President and CEO of Amaryllo
$Received BSEE from UCLA, majoring in Electrical Engineering
$Received MSEE from UC Berkeley, majoring in wireless communication chipset design
$Has filed over 100 patents worldwide.

Michael Roche

$International disputes counsel with more than 15 years experience in leading US law firms, specializing in international litigation and arbitration proceedings in dozens of jurisdictions worldwide.
$Representation of multinational corporations and foreign sovereigns across numerous industries, including mining, oil and gas, electric power, construction, financial services, aviation, automotive, and manufacturing.
$Bilingual professional (English/Spanish) with particular emphasis on Latin America and Caribbean regions.
$Singificant international travel experience in more than 100 countries worldwide.
$Received BA from Emory University in the United States, majoring in International Studies and Spanish.
$ Received JD from Vanderbilt University in the United States, recognized with award for most significant student contribution to international legal inquiry.

Allen Hsieh

$Founder of Gjun Inc (Pcschool.com.tw)
$Ex-CEO of Shenhua Entertainment Communication CO. LTD (Taiwan OTC #4806)
$Chairman of Chunghwa Entertainers Development Exchange Association
$The first president of the 21st Century Leaders Association (Taiwan)
$The first chairman of the Chunghwa Information Management Research and Development Association
$Chairman of Taitron Capital Consultant Co., Ltd.
$CEO of Huateng Digital Media Co., Ltd.
$Honorary Chairman of Chunghwa Green Energy Environmental Concern Association

Jonathan Chang

$Co-Founder of Welife Knowledge Technology (NFTBoard, Naviverse NFT and G-Click projects)
$Doctoral student of Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management, National Taipei University of Technology
$MA in Communication Management; BA in Communication, University of Southern California
$2022 The 7th Taiwan Service Innovation Award in Business Innovation (Welife)
$2022 First Place Award of The 1st Blockchain WAGMI Pitch Battle, on the stage of The 7th Taiwan Blockchain Summit (G-Click Project)

Terry Tsai

$Founder/Chairman and CEO of Power Technologies Taiwan.
$Ex- Board Member of United Communications Taiwan (a publicly listed Taiwanese company)
$President and CEO of PTminer (a Mining machine company)
$He has been heavily involved in start-ups and international trade in and around ASIA for high tech products.

Broderick Gunning

$18 years of experience in technology and energy sectors in Canada and Asia
$Enter Crypto market since 2013
$Investor of Digital Assets (Crypto, Wallets), Energy Infrastructure, Gaming (Esports/P2E), Crypto Mining, IOT, Digital Media, Manufacturing, Food Production

Mark Lin

$CEO of Hou Cheng Enterprise Co., Ltd.
$CEO of Taitron Capital Consultant Co., Ltd.
$Advisor to GUS Technology
$Advisor to Taiwan Color Optics, Inc.
$Advisor to ACON, Advanced-Connectek Inc. (Taiwan OTC #3710)
$Vice-Chairman of National Sun Yat-sen University Alumni