Bravo Ideas give birth to audio-visual monetization and live broadcast e-commerce bursts

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Lu Zhi, the founder of Creative Ideas Digital Company.  (Picture/provided by Creative Ideas Digital)
Lu Zhi, the founder of Bravo Ideas Digital Company. (Picture/provided by Creative Ideas Digital)

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“Live streaming” and “Live e-commerce” have become popular on both sides of the Taiwan Strait in the past three years. Few people know that this set of “buy while watching/buy as you watch” technology actually originated in Taiwan, located in Neihu, capital The founder of 100 million Bravo Idea digital (shares) company, Lu Zhi, went to the new media in mainland China to help him monetize audio and video as early as 2013. Only now has the industry such as live broadcast delivery and live e-commerce risen.

Live streaming is so prosperous, why haven’t you heard of “Bravo Ideas”? Lu Zhi explained that just like Apple came out of Taiwan, no one knew that there was a chip called TSMC in it. After winning the first place in the ideas show+ competition of the Institute of Information and Strategy in July 2013, it was invited in September of the same year. The new media in Hangzhou, China, helped him monetize his videos. At that time, there were no video websites in Taiwan, but there were videos such as Tudou, Mango, and Youku in mainland China. After careful evaluation, it was indeed more beneficial for Taiwan to stay on the other side of the mainland.

Turning into a theater producer proves that the business model of video monetization is feasible

“Mainlanders are more wolf-like, and they want to try it when they smell money.” Before 2016, there was no concept of live broadcasting, only video and audio were realized. It happened that mainland movies and dramas developed rapidly in those ten years. “Watch and buy” The technology has room to play, and mainland manufacturers are not interested in click-through rate. “The heroine Dai Yupei, the video will sell Yupei”, thinking that selling in movies and dramas is the last word.

On the other hand, Taiwanese TV stations are more cautious. They must prove that the business model of video and audio monetization is feasible before they are willing to invest. From 2013 to 2016, the ratings of TV stations began to decline. In the first half of 2016, the amount of new media and TV advertisements In order to save ratings and advertising revenue, it is even more impossible for TV stations to put good movies and dramas on new media.

In order to prove that the video monetization business model is feasible, Lu Zhi turned himself into a drama producer. In 2015, he cooperated with Sanli TV’s VIDOL Video and Film to start filming eight episodes of “Night Snack”, inviting the popular Japanese chef MASA to provoke the audience’s nerves and taste buds at night , touching food and stories, allowing viewers to order meals while watching the drama, within 24 hours of the premiere, it created 300 transaction volumes and a six-figure sum. Then spent millions of dollars to cooperate with Dongsen TV to introduce the technology of “buy now” to film and broadcast 13 episodes of the idol drama “I want you to fall in love with me”. trend.

Created the “ishowlife” live broadcast platform with a revenue exceeding one billion

“I can’t go on like this, I’m about to become a production unit!” In 2016, FB canceled “Blue Tick” and opened the live broadcast to all users. Rapidly sweeping the online consumer market, Lu Zhizhi thought, “I own (see and buy) the world’s patented technology, why marry someone else?” He returned to Taiwan in 2019 and created ” ishowlife “love show life” live broadcast platform, created three in less than a year. With a revenue of 800 million yuan, last year (2020), fueled by the new crown pneumonia, the revenue exceeded the one billion yuan mark, and it has suddenly emerged among many e-commerce companies.

In front of the ishowlife screen, the stewardess anchor is carefully introducing women’s underwear. Lu Zhizhi explained, “Which one is introduced, the next column will pop up the underwear model, click the mouse lightly, and the purchase process will be completed within 15 seconds. It’s the same with audio and video placement, whether it’s “My Love from the Star” or “Legend of the Blue Sea”, when the heroine Jun Ji-hyun appears on the stage, holding a famous bag in her hand, a shopping list of bags will appear next to her. Let the audience swipe their cards to place an order within fifteen seconds.

“We sold more than 60,000 masks in three days, and sold more than 300 boxes of mangoes in ten days. The department store lady started a live broadcast here, and made four orders in one minute.” At present, there are more than 600 live broadcasts on the isowlife platform Lord, keep selling, keep selling every day, this is how the revenue of one billion yuan comes from!

Participate in the creative competition of the Institute of Information Policy to reverse fate

Back in 2008, Lu Zhizhi was still the director of a listed company. At that time, he saw a report in the United States: “Sex and the City” made the second season of the retail industry not slow, and the heroine was fashionable. On behalf of, what to wear, use, and wear has become the target of groupies. He went back to study consumer psychology and found that “shopping is an impulse, and there are only seventy-six golden seconds”, that is to say, the sooner you grasp the impulse to shop, the more likely you are to make a deal. “Buy” shopping program, trying to control the impulse of consumption.

Developed a global patent for the “See Now Buy” shopping program

Lu Zhi said frankly that this research and development is actually a bet, “a bet that bandwidth technology will be solved in the future”, until 2012 when the “See Now Buy” program was developed and patented in various countries, the world’s bandwidth They are still in the 3G stage, and he will participate in the Creative Competition of the Funding Strategy Association. Firstly, it is to stop the bleeding, because the patent fees of various countries have made him overwhelmed. This battle reversed his fate.

Lu Zhi has been doing “video and video monetization” in mainland China for eight years. In 2019, he returned to Taiwan to establish the “ishowlife” platform. The problem” is that the company did not have a live broadcast host at the beginning of the investment promotion. The manufacturer thought that the ishowlife platform had no brand, no traffic, and the products could not be sold, so they politely refused to cooperate. On the contrary, if the live broadcast host was invited first, the live broadcast host thought that the company had no products. The signing is also in vain.

Fortunately, he has been in mainland China’s new media for many years, interacting with artists from both sides of the strait. With the help of artist friends, he broke through the difficulties. “First, they bring their own traffic, and second, they endorse many products.” At that time, the ratings of the TV station declined, and the artist changed the track. , directly raised the volume and reputation of the ishowlife live broadcast platform, “From scratch, there are now more than 600 live broadcast hosts, and the number is still increasing!”

Live broadcast + e-commerce + fan economic consumption is amazing

“Live broadcasting e-commerce” is a business model created by “live broadcasting” plus “e-commerce” plus “fan economy”. A big celebrity or KOL follows many fans, and because of trust, the consumption brought out Behavior, Lu Zhi gave an example: Do you still think the curator (Chen Zhihan) is the curator of fighting back then? From trendy clothes, dry noodles, seafood, watches, to create a fan economy, in June 2019, the joint legislator Huang Guochang held the “623 Kaidao” parade. When he climbed up and shouted, 100,000 people responded and took to the streets. Net red, amazing influence!

Create demand and create massive economies of scale

Not only the “ishowlife” platform, creative ideas find cooperation with FB, directly embed the “see-now-buy” technology into FB, and integrate the back-end mall and cash flow, and each live broadcaster can do it on his fan page Live sales, create your own fan economy, and other social apps such as Wechat, Line, and Twitter have been introduced.

Lu Zhi believes that the key to the success of creative ideas lies in innovation. Taiwanese are good at OEM and like follow-type innovations. Bravo Ideas are just the opposite, walking ahead of the market and creating demand. As for whether he was worried about being copied, he said, “There is no technology that cannot be passed.” At present, “ishowlife” has obtained invention patent protection from more than 40 countries including Taiwan, the United States, China, Japan, the European Union, and South Korea. There are already considerable economies of scale, and it is difficult to surpass them in a short time.

Patent authorization locks in the demographic dividend in Southeast Asia

While taking root in the cross-strait market, creative ideas are also locked in the Southeast Asian market. Lu Zhi believes that the Southeast Asian economy is learning from the Chinese mainland model, showing leapfrog growth. The Southeast Asian market prefers person-to-person sales, and live broadcast will be a powerful one. The sales channel, just because of the 200 million population dividend in Indonesia, the rise of 5G, and each person will have a mobile phone in the future, the consumption power is considerable. At present, we are also working with local agents to build the “ishowlife” platform in Southeast Asia through patent authorization, and cultivate local live broadcasts Mainly “down-to-earth”, let the live broadcast e-commerce take off quickly.

At the end of last year, the Financial Supervisory Commission announced that Taiwan stocks will add “Taiwan Innovation Board” and “Strategic New Board”, which are expected to open in the third quarter of this year. At present, a number of financial holding companies have actively contacted “Bravo Ideas” and are actively seeking for the willingness of Creative Ideas to be listed on the “Taiwan Innovation Board”. Regarding this, Bravo Ideas said that it does have an IPO plan, but it has not yet decided whether it will be listed in Taiwan or not. Turn to overseas listing.

Author: Cai Wumu