American rap king OG Ron C joins hands with Bravo Ideas to do charity for out-of-school children

Well-known American musicians DJ Ron C (left) and DJ Candlestick (right) wore isowlife logo clothes to support live public welfare activities in the SXSW venue.  Ideas/offers
Well-known American musicians DJ Ron C (left) and DJ Candlestick (right) wore isowlife logo clothes to support live public welfare activities in the SXSW venue. Bravo Ideas/offers

2022/03/28 14:48:08

Economic Daily Su Xiwen

American rap king OG Ron C, The Chopstars group, together with major stars and Taiwan’s largest live broadcast e-commerce technology company- Bravo Ideas Digital Co., Ltd., did a public welfare activity for out-of-school children for the American charity organization Impacting Houston. At the same time, relying on the patented technology of “see and buy” in the United States combined with live e-commerce, Hollywood artists in the United States brought Taiwan’s technology to the United States, and recently held the world’s largest creative technology music festival SXSW (South by South by Southwest) shine in.

OG Ron C and The Chopstars conducted a live event through ishowlife in the United States. During the period, they wore clothes with the isowlife logo to promote at the SXSW event. OG Ron C also broadcast strongly on his radio station, hoping to appeal to more people to support public welfare. Other celebrities also Responding to the event one after another, they began advertising ishowlife from Taiwan across the United States, allowing everyone to hear about Taiwan, and also let everyone see celebrities supporting charity activities from Taiwan at the venue. “The system’s live broadcast public welfare activities, creative ideas not only realize the people’s diplomacy, but also show the good relationship in Hollywood in the United States.

Although the preparation time was short, hundreds of thousands of people have watched the five live broadcast events in two consecutive days, which shows that ishowlife in the United States has begun to attract attention from all walks of life. The proceeds from this time will be donated to the American Impacting Houston public welfare group to help out-of-school children change their lives through leadership or proper education courses. Lu Zhi, CEO of Bravo Ideas, said that what we can do is to provide this innovative technology to share Love, and support with practical actions, and thank these world-class artists for loving this live broadcast platform and technology.

The Chopstars, a well-known American group, used the "see now, buy now" direct...
The Chopstars, a well-known American group, used the “Watch Now, Buy Now” live broadcast on the ishowlife platform to do charity. Bravo Ideas/offers

ishowlife is a live broadcast e-commerce platform under Bravo Ideas. It applies the patented “watch and buy” technology to create the fastest and most convenient live shopping experience. Tens of thousands of Internet celebrities and live broadcast hosts in Taiwan have used this function to create a lot of sales . From Taiwan to the United States, in fact, this world-renowned live broadcast e-commerce patent is in the hands of Taiwan’s new innovations, and it has also attracted the attention of some local venture capital companies in the United States. Many American venture capital companies said that this patented technology will be used in the future. The United States has great potential and is extremely impressed with this technology. The United States is quite optimistic about the prospect of live broadcast e-commerce video and audio monetization. Even well-known Hollywood movie stars have followed the line to find the source of patents in Taiwan, expressing their willingness to cooperate in the development of the United States.

Bravo Ideas has won two international awards in the past year, including: 2021 Asia Pacific Outstanding Enterprise Award (APEA 2021), Bravo Ideas won the “Inspirational Brand Award”, which is the only and first time in Taiwan’s startup industry The technology company that won this honor; Best Live-Streaming eCommerce Solutions Provider – East Asia Asia’s best live e-commerce solution provider in the APAC Business Awards 2020 held by British media – Apac Insider. At the beginning of this year, Bravo Ideas doubled its revenue last year to 2.25 billion. With the advent of the 5G era, the future of live broadcast e-commerce is still the mainstream and trend in the market that cannot be ignored. Bravo ideas website