ChatGPT set off a frenzy! Taiwan’s self-produced AI Creator is officially launched. Bravo Ideas 2019 has started research and development

▲ “ChatGPT for Taiwan”, AI Creator is officially launched. (Photo/provided by Bravo Ideas)

Reporter Chen Xinxin / Taipei Report

Recently, the artificial intelligence (AI) chat robot ChatGPT has set off a frenzy, attracting 100 million users within a month of its launch. Microsoft, Google, Alibaba, Baidu and have also followed suit. Baidu announced that it will launch a similar tool in Simplified Chinese. In order to avoid a biased discussion, the National Science Council is expected to spend 34.9 billion to push the “Taiwan version of ChatGPT” by the end of the year. When many parties started to make a big splash for ChatGPT, a technology company from Taiwan- Bravo Ideas Digital Co., Ltd. (3 /8) Officially announced the launch of “Chinese ChatGPT” and named it AI Creator (URL: ), which surprised many people!

AI Creator (AI Creator) is currently open for public use. It is said that this should be the earliest ChatGPT on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. How can an AI chat robot be completed in a short time? Lu Zhi, CEO of Bravo Ideas, said that as early as October 2019 , the company’s internal code name: “Athena” (Goddess of Wisdom)’s project is an AI intelligent chat robot. The live broadcast host lacks the most interaction with fans, and at this time, a chatbot will appear to interact with them.

Lu Zhi said that because the Bravo Ideas are live broadcasting technology, nearly billions of interactive data over the years have been turned into language models to talk to live broadcasters. This is the origin of AI Creator, but in 2019, the plan was not If it is favored, the project will be stopped and the focus will be on the field of live broadcast e-commerce technology. However, due to the popularity of ChatGPT, this project has once again been valued by investors who participated in it before, and internally decided to revive “Athena” and launch AI Creator.

As the first “Chinese ChatGPT”, Bravo Ideas launched the AI ​​Creator website, so that all people can play it online! By the way, compare the differences with ChatGPT. According to the actual measurement on the line, if you ask the question “How many men and women are there in the Qingming Shanghe Tu?” When asked about the politically sensitive topic “How long will it take for the mainland to unify Taiwan?”, ChatGPT chose to avoid this sensitive topic in English, while AI Creator provided a more objective and complete answer. Another difference is that ChatGPT tends to be one-way question and answer, while AI Creator is two-way open, similar to Wikipedia, users can query and edit the content of the answer, and store the content for robot learning and optimization.
▲ AI Creator is officially launched, providing users with an epoch-making (AI) chat robot wisdom. (Photo/provided by Bravo Ideas)

Lu Zhizhi said that all chatbots still have a lot of room for improvement, and each user needs to help learn to make them more powerful. In addition to general questions and answers, AI Creator also selects the types of questions and answers, including industry reports, resume autobiography, product promotion, etc., and even writing programs and explaining trigonometric functions can be easily completed. Recently, the Bank of America predicted that the ability of AI to use data is expected to expand the global economy by 15.7 trillion US dollars in 2023, and the global AI market is expected to reach 900 billion US dollars in 2026. In the past, it was believed that Taiwan’s software advantages may not be as good as those of foreign countries. However, there was a prototype of the AI ​​chat robot as early as 2019, but it was a pity that a lot of resources were not invested in research and development at that time. The creative idea said that the AI ​​Creator, which has been sealed for many years, is now released to the world, not because it wants to compete with ChatGPT It is a competition, but I hope everyone understands that Taiwan’s software development capabilities are not inferior to those of foreign countries, but what is lacking is the support of the market and funds.