Create a Taiwanese version of ChatGPT, Bravo Ideas to demonstrate Taiwan’s soft power with abundant research and development capabilities

Create a Taiwanese version of ChatGPT, creative ideas to demonstrate Taiwan's soft power with abundant research and development capabilities

Lu Zhizhi, Founder and CEO of Bravo Ideas

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In response to changes in consumer behavior, live streaming has become a new trend in post-epidemic e-commerce. Whether amateurs, KOLs or celebrities are involved in it, but you may not know that the inventor of the live streaming technology in mainland China is a Bravo Ideas from Taiwan, not only made a breakthrough in the live delivery market with patented technology, but also launched the AI ​​Creator service with the GPT model as the core in 2019, actively promoting the innovation and transformation of the industry.

Bravo ideas was established in 2012, optimistic about the development of audio-visual generation and the trend of content monetization, resolutely devoted itself to the research and development of live streaming technology, and won the first prize in the ideas show+ competition of the capital strategy meeting in the next (2013) year, and was invited to China Hangzhou’s demonstration of innovative technology and its popularity with video sites is one of the driving forces behind the vigorous development of China’s live delivery delivery market. With its patented technology and rich experience, Bravo Ideas has further expanded its service scope to live broadcast master training and other businesses, and then launched GPT chatbot research and development work.

In response to the needs of live broadcast e-commerce, Bravo Ideas lead the industry, and GPT launches AI Creator service

Lu Zhizhi, the founder and CEO of Bravo Ideas, said: “Since the first day of our establishment, we have actively practiced the concept of “making the best use of talents and smooth flow of goods”. In addition to assisting KOLs and brand e-commerce companies to realize traffic through patented technology, such as through random Kansuibuy technology allows consumers to place an order to purchase products while watching KOL video content, and launched a live e-commerce platform in Taiwan – ishowlife, further expanding the service scope to Cultivating KOL fans and selling products and services, in fact, this is the reason why Bravo Ideas will launch a chatbot service (the predecessor of AI Creator) in 2019.”

He further explained that whether it is amateurs, KOLs or celebrities, if they want to convert traffic into revenue, they must make good use of words and images to interact with fans in the live broadcast room. Harmoniously interacting with fans in the live broadcast room, Bravo Ideas launched a chatbot service (predecessor of AI Creator) based on the GPT-2 language model released by OpenAI in 2019. It interacts with KOLs to stir up the atmosphere of the live broadcast room and drive buying momentum However, due to market environmental factors, the service was not officially launched until the advent of ChatGPT and the market’s increased attention to the GPT model. Creative Ideas restarted the project and officially opened the AI ​​​​Creator service to the public recently (https: //www.aicreator .cc ) for public and corporate testing.

Targeting the global Chinese market, Bravo Ideas use AI Creator to assist enterprise transformation

Although Creative Ideas has just released the AI ​​Creator service, Lu Zhi believes that AI Creator has a great competitive advantage and is a Chinese application that can compete with ChatGPT. There are three main reasons:

The first is an interaction that is more in line with Chinese habits. To succeed in pre-training language models such as GPT, you must master the two key factors of parameter setting and training data volume. Unlike ChatGPT, which uses English information for pre-training, AI Creator uses Chinese sentences and grammar to train models, and the amount of Chinese data for pre-training With more than 2 billion records and the data will be updated until 2022, it can provide the most instant and interactive experience in line with Chinese habits.

The second is to provide more accurate interactive feedback. Different from ChatGPT, which allows users to directly input text to interact with it in an open mode, AI Creator conducts model training for different application scenarios, which is the so-called AIGC. Such as blogs, industry reports, resume autobiography, industry accompanying articles, script writing, product promotion, SEO, press releases, etc., to ensure that the content of AI Creator’s reply meets the needs, and at the same time, in terms of user interaction, keywords are used instead of vernacular text Input, so that users can communicate with AI Creator more accurately and efficiently and get the support they need. By replacing the part of vernacular input with keywords, chatGPT is also gradually moving closer to AI Creator.

The AI ​​Creator released by Bravo Ideas is a Chinese-language application that can be compared with ChatGPT. It really pushes Taiwan’s soft power to the world and shines on the world stage.

Finally, create a mutual benefit through the editing function. In order to ensure that the service keeps pace with the times, AI Creator provides an editing function. Users can edit and save the results directly on the copy. The system will identify and record the edited content as the basis for continuous optimization, and use AI to create a better interactive experience. Maximum benefit of Creator.

“Different from ChatGPT, which is currently only available to enterprises and software developers through an application programming interface (API), our goal is to commercialize AI Creator, and will assist Chinese customers around the world to customize and exclusive through consulting services, technical support, etc. application services, better assist employees, optimize operational performance, and accelerate the pace of corporate transformation.” Lu Zhi said that at present, corporate customers are negotiating the possibility of cooperation. From the perspective of international development trends, banks’ customer service robots, electric vehicles Smart assistants, smart shopping guide robots, and smart medical care are all application fields with great development potential, and they are also the directions for commercialization of creative ideas.

According to the natural language market report released by IMARC Group, the market size of natural language processing (NLP) will grow from US$18.1 billion in 2022 to US$74.3 billion in 2028, whether it is education, finance, healthcare, ICT services, manufacturing and retail As well as media and entertainment, there are certain needs. In order to seize this wave of business opportunities and let the world see Taiwan’s soft power, Lu will invite more partners to join in, improve the AI ​​Creator and develop more diverse application services, thereby deepening the ability of enterprises to create businesses with artificial intelligence, and at the same time, give full play to The industrial synergy of the integration of software and hardware enables Taiwan to shine on the international stage when countries around the world are competing to develop AI-related technologies.