Bravo Ideas joins hands with Watsons to attack the domestic and overseas live e-commerce market. The first stop in Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries has been launched one after another.

Author Chen Youjia

The live broadcast e-commerce market has been a sales method that has grown rapidly in recent years. According to the “2023 China Live E-commerce Opportunity Insight Report” mentioned, from 0 to over two trillion market size, the commercial live broadcast e-commerce in mainland China is less than four In 2023, it is estimated that the live broadcast e-commerce market will reach 4.92 trillion yuan in 2023; the mainland, which started live broadcast e-commerce one step earlier than Taiwan, is optimistic about the growth next year, and Taiwan, which will follow closely behind, will also grow significantly positively. The future prospects should not be underestimated . The report also mentioned that in terms of the trend of live streaming e-commerce, live streaming e-commerce is being carried out in a “spillover” manner. For example, TikTok will launch cross-border businesses in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines in 2022. Many platforms and brands Started to deploy overseas business, and worked hard on creative ideas in Taiwan for more than a year, and officially joined hands with the leading retailer – Watsons to enter the Asian live broadcast e-commerce market.

Bravo Ideas and Watsons, the world’s largest retailer of health and beauty products, officially launched the first live broadcast e-commerce cooperation in Taiwan. Watsons, which has a very high number of app download users in Taiwan, cooperated with Bravo Ideas to officially launch the function of live broadcasting e-commerce Constructed in the app, it was officially launched in Taiwan in June this year. Because of its future, high conversion rate and user stickiness, Watsons saw unlimited business opportunities and officially embraced live broadcast e-commerce. After Taiwan, it also began to deploy in Southeast Asia, and It was launched in Malaysia in November this year, and countries in Southeast Asia have launched it one after another. It will continue to complete the built-in live broadcast e-commerce function in the app, combining online and offline to make the use of the app more sticky.

Bravo Ideas and Taiwan Watsons have brought the live broadcast e-commerce system into the Taiwan Watsons App, and Watsons is also the first retailer in Taiwan to combine live broadcast e-commerce and App, combining technology and sales, standing at the forefront of the market, and planning ahead, Bravo Ideas will also usher in a high growth in revenue GMV next year due to the cooperation with Watson.

Bravo ideas have won international awards. Recently, in the “2022 Asia Pacific Outstanding Enterprise Awards” hosted by APEA, Bravo ideas won the “Fast Enterprise Award” and “Master Entrepreneur Award”. The only technology company in Taiwan’s start-up industry to receive these two honors; in addition, the live broadcast e-commerce company of Bravo Ideas has recently been certified as a technology supplier by Facebook Meta, assisting Facebook’s global customers with live e-commerce needs to provide the best live broadcast E-commerce technology solutions bring more diverse live e-commerce technical support to enterprises. Under the influence of the global epidemic, Creative Ideas still insists on technological innovation and development, and strives to provide live e-commerce solutions for more domestic and foreign companies, defeating the economic downturn, and marching towards the glory of Taiwan, an international start-up.

Since 2012, Bravo Ideas has pioneered the development of “video monetization” technology in the entrepreneurial world. It has actually been 10 years since the journey from content e-commerce to live broadcasting e-commerce. Many people may be unfamiliar with Creative Ideas, but few people know It turned out that the inventor of live e-commerce technology actually originated from Taiwan’s Bravo ideas. As early as July 2013, Lu Zhi, the founder and CEO of Bravo Ideas, won the first place in the ideas show+ competition of the Capital Strategy Council. In September of the same year, he was invited to Hangzhou, China to showcase Taiwan’s innovative technology and was favored by mainland video sites. . From the monetization of audio and video to the hot live broadcast in mainland China, no one believed that monetization of audio and video would be the mainstream in the 3G era, and now many manufacturers are scrambling to follow suit. It took 10 years for Creative Ideas to change the ecology of traditional e-commerce. When it returned to Taiwan, in order to demonstrate the global patented technology of “Watch and Buy” live streaming e-commerce of Creative Ideas, in 2018, it established “ishowlife”, the only live broadcast in Taiwan. E-commerce platforms have seen successful examples, and many overseas companies are actively negotiating cooperation. Many manufacturers have also discovered that live broadcasting e-commerce sales can be regarded as a major marketing channel, which not only increases brand exposure but also guides purchases. Lu Zhi said that we can see that live e-commerce is the best way for companies to grasp this wave of audio-visual trends and realize audio-visual cash with the advent of the 5G era.