Bravo idea’s revenue exceeded 2.25 billion NT last year Lu Zhi, the father of live e-commerce: this year’s estimate is 4 billion NT

Lu Zhi, CEO of Creative Ideas, said that it can be seen that live broadcasting e-commerce is the best way for companies to grasp this wave of audio-visual trends and realize audio-visual monetization with the advent of the 5G era.  Ideas/offers
Lu Zhi, CEO of Bravo Ideas, said that it can be seen that live broadcasting e-commerce is the best way for companies to grasp this wave of audio-visual trends and realize audio-visual monetization with the advent of the 5G era. 

Economic Daily Su Xiwen

Live broadcast e-commerce has been in the limelight in recent years. Whether it is a live broadcaster or a related industry such as MCN, it has also been booming in recent years. At the end of last year, Wei Ya, a live broadcaster in mainland China, was fined for tax evasion and set a sky-high price. 1.341 billion yuan, which shows that through the power of the Internet platform and the charm of live e-commerce, one person can create amazing value, which is also the attraction of live e-commerce.

Beginning in 2022, the technology company “Bravo Ideas”, which focuses on live broadcast e-commerce technology, has received good news. Last year, in 2021, its revenue reached a new high of 2.25 billion, from 300 million NT in 2019 to 1 billion NT in 2020. By this year’s 2.25 billion NT, the revenue of creative ideas has continued to hit new highs. Not only has it not been affected by the epidemic, but it has grown multiples every year. This year’s 2022 estimate is even more than 4 billion NT. It is known as the father of live e-commerce and Bravo Ideas. Chang-Lu Zhizhi said that this year it is necessary to recruit more talents to make the company’s report card this year even more eye-catching!

In addition to this year’s revenue target of 4 billion NT, Bravo Ideas will expand the Southeast Asian market this year, and it is expected to set up subsidiaries in Southeast Asia from this year. In addition to Southeast Asia, in overseas markets, Bravo Ideas and App Chain, a company related to Japanese music entertainment company Avex, jointly established “Bravo Ideas (Japan)” Co., Ltd. The Japanese version of its platform “ishowlife” will be launched at the end of the first quarter of this year. Officially launched in Japan. Founder and CEO Lu Zhizhi said, “Although many people don’t know us, our technology has been used in various countries. We hope not only in Taiwan or Asia, but in the whole world, and become the light of Taiwan.”

In terms of live broadcast hosts, the number of live broadcast hosts will increase from about 650 to more than 1,500 this year. At present, they are actively training potential talents and cooperating with colleges and universities to train students in the classroom. In addition, he has the ability to live broadcast sales, so he is not afraid of losing his job in the future.

The Bravo Ideas that have been cultivated in Taiwan for many years have been recognized by two international awards in the past year. In the 2021 Asia Pacific Outstanding Enterprise Awards (APEA 2021), Taiwan’s Bravo Ideas won the “Inspirational Brand Award”. The only and the first technology company in the start-up industry to receive this honor; Best Live-Streaming eCommerce Solutions Provider – East Asia’s Best Live Streaming eCommerce Solutions Provider in APAC Business Awards 2020 held by British media – Apac Insider.

The CEO of Creative Ideas - Lu Zhi (middle) led the company's core team and became the light of Taiwan's live e-commerce industry.  creative ideas...
The CEO of Bravo Ideas – Lu Zhi (middle) led the company’s core team and became the light of Taiwan’s live e-commerce industry.

Since 2012, Bravo Ideas has been the first to develop the technology of “video monetization” in the entrepreneurial world. It has actually been nearly 10 years since the journey from content e-commerce to live broadcasting e-commerce. Many people may be unfamiliar with Bravo Ideas, but everyone must be familiar with it. In recent years, it has become popular on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. From mainland China to Taiwan, “live streaming” and “live e-commerce”, but few people know that the inventor of the original live e-commerce technology actually originated from Taiwan’s Bravo ideas. As early as July 2013, Lu Zhi, the founder of Bravo Ideas, won the first place in the ideas show+ competition of the Capital Strategy Council. In September of the same year, he was invited to Hangzhou, China to showcase Taiwan’s innovative technology and was favored by mainland video websites. From the monetization of audio and video to the hot live broadcast in mainland China, no one believed that monetization of audio and video would be the mainstream in the 3G era, and now many manufacturers are scrambling to follow suit. It took 10 years for Creative Ideas to change the ecology of traditional e-commerce. When it returned to Taiwan, in order to demonstrate the global patented technology of “Watch and Buy” live streaming e-commerce of Bravo Ideas, in 2018, it established “ishowlife”, the only one in Taiwan. The live broadcast e-commerce platform has a successful example, and many overseas companies are actively negotiating cooperation.

Live broadcast e-commerce is a booster for the retail industry under the epidemic. Last year, many governments and private organizations took the initiative to seek cooperation in the digital transformation of the retail industry, including live broadcast e-commerce into the digital transformation, and more actively sold products to When doing cross-border e-commerce overseas, many manufacturers have also discovered that live e-commerce sales can be regarded as a major marketing channel, which not only increases brand exposure but also guides shopping.

Lu Zhizhi pointed out that creating a better shopping experience for consumers is a necessary condition to stimulate order placement. Bravo Ideas is not only the only team that can use live broadcast, watch-and-buy technology on social media platforms such as Facebook (FB). The self-created e-commerce live broadcast platform – ishowlife ( ) has held more than 20,000 live broadcasts in a year. The core technology is to watch and buy directly at the moment of the live broadcast, and the required transaction time It only takes about 15 seconds to quickly place an order to complete the purchase, and grasp the gold sale in 76 seconds. More importantly, there is no need to interrupt the live broadcast on Facebook through the +1 system on the market or jumping out to the purchase page. “Watch and buy” is more intuitive, convenient and faster to receive orders. Compared with +1, it has a turnover rate of nearly 9 times! “Audio and video content has been realized for at least 10 years!” Lu Zhizhi said, we can see that live TV With the advent of the 5G era, business is the best way for enterprises to grasp this wave of audio-visual trends and realize audio-visual cash.